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Thompson Electric Company of Lumberton, Inc. installed its first alarm device in the 1930s when we manufactured and installed a device to catch a thief that was stealing cash out of purses in the Robeson County Courthouse.

We have evolved with the alarm industry's technology and offer state of the art professional equipment professionally installed. We do not install security equipment that is available through retail chain stores.

In some instances you may find it hard to visibly distinguish between professionally available and chain store equipment. The difference is inside where quality and reliability are the best consideration, not sales volume at the lowest possible cost.

Every employee in our company has had their background investigated by the North Carolina Alarm Systems Licensing Board (NCASLB) and is rechecked every two years.

Each employee is required to receive continuing education courses that are approved by the NCASLB in order to continue working.

Each employee carries a picture ID issued by the NCASLB.

Our employees are experienced and skilled in what they do. We pride ourselves on neat, clean concealed installations done without damaging your house.

Designing a security system is not something that can be done in your living room or kitchen. When we design a system, we survey the premises to be protected and return to our shop.

We then diagram and study your home or business to determine which of hundreds of available detection devices and control devices will best suit your particular application and your living habits.

We try to design the alarm to match your habits. This method is preferable over forcing you to change your daily habits.

We are in business and we understand that you may be comparing what we offer to what other companies offer. We practice this same method to obtain quality components we use. We compare quality, dependability and service first, then price.


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