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Never allow any alarm sales person or technician in your home unless they have a NCASLB picture ID. Excuses like "I just started and I don't have my ID yet" should send up red flags.

Never provide social security or credit card numbers. You are not applying for credit; you are paying a monthly charge that can be stopped if you don't pay.

Be cautious in dealing with a company that requires a long-term contract. Many alarm companies are established to sell you an alarm-monitoring contract, which they resell.

If a sales person tells you their alarms are directly monitored by 911, consider recording their name and reporting them to the North Carolina Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Division. 911 does not monitor alarms. Alarms are monitored by private monitoring agencies and then relayed to the proper authorities.

Understand that you may pay extra for maintenance.

Remember you have three days by state law to cancel any agreement made in your home by a door to door sales person. Even if the system is installed.

Notice the contract clause that indicates fees are subject to change without notice.

Read your contract or agreement carefully. There are lots of fine print. There may be details the sales person forgot to mention. The fine gray or blue print on the back will not copy on a copier for a reason.

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