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At home

If you come home and notice something suspicious such as a broken window or lock, do not go inside. Instead, go to a neighbor's house and call the police. If you notice a break-in has occurred, do not touch anything. Leave immediately and call police.

Have good locks installed on your doors and windows. Remember skylights that open should also have good locks.

Keep blinds or curtains at street level closed so people can not look inside your home.

Patio doors should have a safety bar installed.

Keep your home and your yard well lit.

Keep bushes and trees well trimmed and away from the house so intruders can't hide between your landscaping and your windows or doors.

Call Thompson Electric Company of Lumberton to give you peace of mind today. We have motion sensor lights, driveway alerts, motion detectors, perimeter sensors, sirens, police and fire alerts, camera equipment and surveillance, and medical alerts.

When You're Away from Home

Make your home appear lived in while you're away, by following these guidelines:

Cancel your newspaper subscription or arrange to have a neighbor pick it up for you.

Put interior lights, radios, or the television on timers.

Do not announce you're away from home on your answering machine.

Keep records of your valuables - take pictures or movies - and keep a record of serial numbers.

The financial and emotional costs of having your home broken into can be devastating. Reduce your risk and contact Thompson Electric Company of Lumberton today!


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